To thine own self be true …

Wonderful words by Shakespeare indeed. But gosh – I am not sure whether like me you struggle to know “thine self”. Today we turn this blog focus around a bit!!! I focussed on Engagement for the past 4 months and... Read more

Create a Circle of Safety for your team

Listen to the No Limits Podcast Simon Sinek describes what he calls the “Circle of Safety” with this simple story: A lion used to prowl about a field in which Four Oxen used to dwell. Many a time he tried... Read more

🏍️New Year, New You🏍️

2020 can only be as good as we decide and plan. This is a great tool I use to create a Life Plan/Strategy to stay proactive in life. Many times we just drift through life but if we have an... Read more

Make 2022 Your Best Year Yet

I have prepared a coaching tool with probing question to help you think into what you want to achieve for 2022. Everything in life e is about preparation and planning. These question prompts will help you sent a few intentions... Read more

Your Yearly Review

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The Great Reset

We will re-emerge from this unfathomable moment in time, but not as we were before. Despite our instincts to endure this crisis and return to “normal,” history has shown us that tragic events—war, famine, disease—alter us in fundamental, irrevocable ways.... Read more

Protected: Todays Priorities gives me Focus

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. Read more

13 Things Mentally Strong People don’t do!

13 Habits of Mentally Strong People Mentally strong people have healthy habits. They manage their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in ways that set them up for success in life. Take a look at these 13 things that mentally strong people... Read more

Beliefs Drive Behaviour

“Beliefs have the power to create and the power to destroy. Human beings have the awesome ability to take any experience of their lives and create a meaning that disempowers them or one that can literally save their lives” Read more

Make today a masterpiece

Are you Preparing or Repairing ? Preparing Repairing Lets you focus on today Makes you focus on Yesterday Increases Efficiency Consumes Time Increases Confidence Breeds Discouragement Saves Money Increases Costs Pays now for tomorrow Pays now for yesterday Takes you... Read more

Purpose Driven Business are fairing better post Covid’19.

A lot of businesses are thriving in spite of the major challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic. The common thread among companies that are weathering the storm most successfully is an authentic and integrated commitment to purpose larger than profitability... Read more

ALL In!!!

Only One way to live life!!!! Be an All In Leader….. Move and Act with Intention. It is not light the we need but Fire. It is not the gentle shower, but the thunder. We need the storm, the whirlwind,... Read more

Why Leadership?

People ask me all the time – Why have I dedicated my life to Leadership Development? And truth be told I ask myself this question all the time!!! Like why would I want to be the one to be banging... Read more

Let’s Reinvent our Leadership

Hey I hope you are well. Considering the circumstances, I hope that you and your families are well, safe and good health.I think this past year has taught me to pause, and take in this one and only beautiful life... Read more

Average is for losers!

You have only one choice!!! Exceptional!!! So are you? Are you doing everything you do at an exceptional level!!! Stop looking around you – there are too much average around!!!The days of Conformity, average, standard – are OVER!!! Exceptional Wins... Read more

Future Work Interview Questions

Many employers look for a set of competencies and skills that set candidates apart. Working I n world that has changed and is decentralized – leadership abilities and specifically resilience is starting to be highly sought after in their new... Read more

New Year Approaching

…..Its a New Year…… …..52 weeks…365 days….8760 hours…525600 minutes.. What will you do with it? What could you do with it? ……… 525600 possibilities…… Set the Tone for 2021…with these reflective questions What do you want the overarching theme for... Read more

Yearly Review

Most people are passive spectators of their lives, watching their lives unfold one day at a time. When they were younger they had dreams of travel, dreams of living a fabulous life, but as the realities of life sets in… Read more

Day 9: Jumpstart your thinking

Todays thought is a powerful one. Are you aware of your strengths and gifting. We all have a unique ability in different things. This past season has really revealed the power of thinking ability. Thinking capacity can be a strength... Read more

Day 7

People will never attain what they cannot see themselves doing? Karen Ford Questions to pnder Describe a personal or professional issue that has created an ongoing obstacle to you progress. What change in your thinking do you need to make... Read more

Day 5:Jumpstart your thinking

Nothing limits achievement life small thinking, nothing expands possibilities like unleashed thinking William Arthur Ward Did you know that good thinking isn’t just one thing? IT consists of several specific thinking skills. Listen to todays audio and get the list... Read more

Day 4

An Invasion of Armies can be resisted, but not an invasion of ideas Victor Hugo Heres come really good news as you begin your thinking journey: No matter how complicated life gets or how difficult problems may seem, good thinking... Read more

Day 3: Jumpstart your Thinking

Questions to think about: Name the best thinkers you know personally Describe whats different about the way they think? Choose one of them and schedule a coffee with them Answer Below or in your Thinking Journal With Light Ella’ Read more

Day 2: Jumpstart your thinking

What you sow is what you reap!!! Are you aware of what you are thinking? What thoughts are you planting in your mind garden? Listen to todays audio and challenge your thinking Questions to Think about: Where in life are... Read more

Day 1: Activate

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Activate your thinking: Week 1

For the Next 90 Days we will be thinking about our thinking. I will be sharing a very short audio clip on thinking questions 😃. So keep looking out in your inbox every morning for it!!! Read more

Top Best Practices for Managing a Remote Team

Top Best Practices for Managing a Remote Team. If you want to help your employees feel connected and engaged, especially in times of crisis such as COVID-19, follow these 20 advices:- Read more

Success BluePrint

When will you be successful? If you’re like most people, what comes to mind is someday—somewhere off in the future, when you’ll suddenly wake up and think, “I made it! I’m a success!” That’s how most unsuccessful people see success:... Read more

Emotional Intelligence

In 1995, psychologist and science journalist Daniel Goleman published a book introducing most of the world to the nascent concept of emotional intelligence. The idea--that an ability to understand and manage emotions greatly increases our chances of success--quickly took off,… Read more

10 Human Victories

Yesterday we spoke about the 10 regrets – and i hope you are challenged to want more for your life ! The lost below speaks of 10 victories that can be ours, but it requires intentionality and effort!!! But this... Read more

Candid Conversations

Have you been dodging an important conversation? The kind of conversation that may be uncomfortable, in a situation that you wish would just take care of itself? Are you dancing around a subject, being less direct, less candid than you… Read more

Are you a Leaner or Lifter?

Studies show some critically important facts about the workplace. First, the number one reason people leave their jobs is that they don't feel appreciated. Also, 9 out of 10 people say they are more productive when they are around positive… Read more

Successful People Think Differently than unsuccessful people

I have been a student of thinking for the past several years. It's what gets me going. It's critical to make progress in life. So if you want to learn about thinking here, then join me as we cover Think-Ability… Read more

12 things Successful people think

We can learn a lot by observing the most successful among us in action. What thoughts do they have during their day? What makes them tick? Here are 12 of their most powerful thoughts. Read more

From Career to Calling

Most people miss this one. This fundamental issue that troubles us, haunts us, pulls our hair by the stars. It's our calling. Most people focus on making a living and not on creating a life. Read more

Protected: Avoid Office Politics

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. Read more