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Sign Up for Coaching Communication

“New goals don’t deliver new results. New lifestyles do. And a lifestyle is a process, not an outcome. For this reason, all of your energy should go into building better habits, not chasing better results.”

James Clear

I cannot believe we are approaching the last few days of January!!! I just got back to my desk this passed week – thanks to Academy timings we are now fully back in the deeps woods of enrollment. I have had an exciting project that we have just launched with a High School in Welkom South Africa – called Born to Win and we have already met the learners and I am super excited by the bright minds we have in our youth!!! 😁 Check out socials update should you wish to hear how that is going …..

Onto you……

So onto you my wonderful, dear Coaching Client😍. Everyday I get the wonderful privilege of working with you amazing, high performance leaders and entrepreneurs and the thing we pride ourselves with is ACTION! I have been investigating ways in which to stay connected to you and your progress and I have been stuck by this statement by James Clear: “

“You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.”

James Clear 

🏆 It has become my Golden Statement for 2024🏆.

So here is my first stab at getting us moving forward and on the same page…..Because we both, you and I live for action and move on the speed train gosh I have been taking a minute to check in or follow up and sometime it fully falls off my plates……so I created this Sign Up form so you can get the Weekly Coaching Check-In delivered to your inbox and from them to time I can also share performance enhancing coaching tools with you….Thank you for helping me stream line the communication processes!!

So first step Sign up below and then look out for the Coaching Inquiry Tool Delivered weekly.

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2024 is definitely our Year!!!!

I know that the systems we put in place is gonna transform our lives!!! So let’s do this!! I am rooting for you and your success !!!!

Here’s to the 24K Magic Mindset!!

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