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Most of us spend most of our days at work. So it’s no surprise that the workplace is the number one place we go looking to find meaning and impact. We want our days to be infused with meaning, impact and joy but with workplaces being in constant flux we find our people struggling with more stress, frustration and fear. Most jobs are built around tasks to get done and transactions to manage, and this leaves us and our teams filled with disillusionment and disengagement. Disengagement is costly. Don’t let me get started. I have a whole training on this! So here is your option. Sign up to access a first creative and adaptable that will get you started on your journey to not only create more meaning in your life, but also build more joy into each workday for yourself and your team…

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The Sweet Life Project

You are the Creative designer of your life

The workplace isn’t just changing—it’s restructuring. The cookie-cut, everyone the same, follow the same path has left us disengaged. The world wants you to be vanilla, to follow the same path everyone else is. But we are seeing a revolution happen in front of our eyes. People are waking up realizing they don’t have to anymore. People want the freedom to live meaningful, impactful lives.

The Gig Economy, Artificial Intelligence, and the Robots aren’t coming, they’re already here and they’re poised to reshape everything we think we know about work. So smart leaders need to prepare themselves and their teams to thrive in this new technological reality.

My LinkedIn Profile says: In a world of machines – HUMAN Skills becomes the competitive advantage.

Transformation awaits!!

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Leadership Executive and Team Coaching

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The Coaching Leader Development Program

Become a Leadership & Performance Coach through the Flagship Program of the Leadership Academy

Designing & Creating an Engaged Culture

Culture is a leadership responsibility. Learn how you can embed a culture of key leadership behaviors to improve workplace engagement.

Organisational Development Consulting

Growing the organization by growing the people is wonderful work of leaders.

On behalf of the FAO leadership team I wish to sincerely thank you for the excellent and passionate presentation on leadership that you made during the retreat. It has had such a positive impact on the staff members and has contributed significantly to the achievement of our goals. Please continue with the hard work of transforming lives through leadership training“.

Dr Tobias Takavarasha

FAO Representative

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

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empowering leaders to design a meaningful, impactful & joyful life & workplace

My work is to help Senior Leaders, CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and Founders create a culture that allows our ever-changing teams to adapt to the ever-changing demands of the workplace as it adapts to the ever-changing demands of the market. Your people need tools to invent their own success—over and over—as they change and grow as humans. And as their leader you have the power to make help them do this!!! Get access to creative and adaptable tools to help them thrive..

The Sweet Life Project

Your Life | Your Work | Your Way

Let’s create a culture that allows their ever-changing workers to adapt to the ever-changing demands of the workplace as it adapts to the ever-changing demands of the market. Get access to the 3 downloadable tools – Disruption Design to help you get unstuck today:

Tools Include:

  • The Disruption Design Manifesto
  • Your Unique Ability Assessment
  • Leadership Tool 1

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What some of my clients are saying

 I remember listening to Elaine’s story and at that time, I had just lost a big project and it was true her story that I learned that even the darkest times really do produce brightest moments as she is now serving leaders globally but had it not been for that change it was going to take more years than it should have. 

Howard Zondo

Leadership Coach

For years all I have put my dreams of travel and working with other single moms on hold, ever since I have joined the Leadership academy you have made me realise I am capable of working towards making my dreams come true.  You inspire me and motivate me to be so much more. 

Rikha Aaron

Project Manager -Eskom

Elaine’s middle name is Collaboration! Elaine strives to build people up around her through collaboration. I have noticed how she brings the little guy in the room with the big boys and getting them to connect and move in the same direction together. Elaine not only brings people together, but also walks along side people, start ups or businesses and help them reach their dreams and goals. It’s been a pleasure to collaborate with Elaine myself.

Tracy-Leigh Govender

Founder Feather Media