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How you think will determine the success or failure in your life…..

I have been known by the tagline of “Enlightening Minds” because I believe in Illumination of the Mind !!! We are an amazing species with the ability to think, imagine and create -that which we think about. Once we decide something, we change – Change isn’t hard for us !! We change all the time. Yet within organisations, we are thrown into horrible change management processes that go against the way we are designed to operate. When “LEADERS” drive change -Change is welcomed, Change is Celebrated, and Change is Anticipated -the operative word being LEADERS!!!. What an interesting concept – Leadership !!

The past few years have been a blessing in disguise. I believe the workplace was desperate in need of REINVENTION and REIMAGINATION !!!

This is the privilege of my life – to come alongside you as a leader and partner with you in creating change for your personal life and for the lives of those around you. In order to do this well we will need

  • Leadership Capabilities
  • Ability to be aware of unconscious programming, paradigms, biases
  • Ability to challenge these self-imposed limitations

Napolean Hill said something that I Love: “There are no limits except the ones we establish in our mind.” So many times we settle for less than we could ever accomplish due to fear, fear of the unknown, fear of other people, fear of failure – the list goes on and on. But the biggest fear we should have is the fear of not becoming ALL we were meant to be. 

This Site is my contribution to challenging the status quo and disrupting popular thinking. The world as we know has changed dramatically!!! We cannot operate on the previous thinking models based on industrial methods and conformity. Your Unique-Ability is your Greatest Contribution to the World, your organization and your Life. The Future is being created by the Dreamers of today!!

I believe a Happy World is possible and I believe – We are the people that can make this happen. We are the Creators of the Future and I believe the Future is Bright!!!

My Life’s Work

 I spend my days now as a Leadership Development Teacher with the simple aim of Developing Leaders.

October 31, 2014

The Leadership Academy

Leadership Coaching Teaching Faculty

Equipping Leaders Create Positive Change in the Workplace

The Academy has Accredited Leadership Programs to equip leaders to Innovate, Design and Lead their workplaces with Courage and Innovation for the future of Work.

Check out the Online Programs here:

Check out the LIVE Programs here:

October 31, 2014
October 18, 2021

Yale School of Management

Human Capital Strategy

People strategies to create an effective, resilient organisation.

Today’s highly competitive business landscape is experiencing a labor transformation on a scale never seen before. Jobs are being automated at an intense pace,1 making an ability to reskill, adapt, and assume new roles the top-ranked employee characteristics for navigating the future of work.2This widespread transformation signals the need for a shift in the way organizations approach talent optimization from the traditional siloed approach to a big-picture perspective.

October 18, 2021
July 26, 2021

Yale School of Management

Decision-Making for Global Business Leadership Growth

An Executive Education Leadership Development Program on Decision Making in the era of AI, Uncertainty and Ambiguity.

In an increasingly complex world, the decisions we make have a profound impact on our successes, both personally and professionally, and can influence the direction of our lives, careers, organizations, and even societies.

July 26, 2021
July 22, 2020

MIT Sloan School of Management

Inquiry-Driven Leadership Program

Solve business challenges by learning to ask questions that will drive innovation and organizational change.

Leadership is about creating a psychologically safe enough space for the people around us to ask questions that generate insight and compel us to action. This program is all about how we can ask the kinds of questions that create profound insight into the world we’re working and living in and provoke or cause us to do something about it.”

July 22, 2020

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