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What it really means to trust

Brené Brown on What it Really Means to Trust Brené Brown explains the complexity of trust—how it’s gained, how it’s lost, and why trusting ourselves is …
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Success Series

Success is an elusive thing!!! Listen to today’s LeaderByte on unpacking what true success is for each of us!! Download Your Complimentary E-Book Here  “The good life …
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The Five Behviours of Cohesive Team

Summary Patrick Lencioni’s 2014 book “Five Dysfunctions of a Team” offered a useful fable about an executive taking over a company (Decision Tech) and her challenges …
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29 Questions to ask your mentor in your next meeting. What are good questions to ask a mentor? Every mentor/mentee relationship is different so don’t take …
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To thine own self be true …

Wonderful words by Shakespeare indeed. But gosh – I am not sure whether like me you struggle to know “thine self”. Today we turn this …
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How Managers Impact Engagement

We have a saying –  Employees join companies and quit managers. When it comes to engagement and retention, managers are the key pivot point for employees. Gallup has …
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Engagement Trends

After all this time collecting valuable data on the engagement trends in an organization, what are we finding? Let’s dive in. Overall Engagement Trends When we measure …
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The Role of the Limbic System at Work

What do you think drives employee behavior? Pay raises? Happy hours? Free coffee? It’s possible these perks can boost your team’s moment-to-moment happiness, and they …
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Leadership Challenges: Retention

This month I’m tackling the topic of leadership challenges. Leaders face challenges at every turn. Beyond the external challenges like increased competition, changing best practices, …
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Correcting a Disengaged Culture

Do your employees exhibit low levels of trust and reliability? Do they produce poor quality work, attempt to evade responsibility, or make excuses for bad …
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Culture Problem

How to Know When Your Company’s Problems Lie in Corporate Culture There is a pervasive feeling among your managers that their frontline employees aren’t invested in …
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Absenteeism in the Workplace Has Tangible Costs Absenteeism bears high costs for companies due to lost productivity and disruption to teams and project deadlines. Employees fail …
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