My Why

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What do you call a Scientist,that becomes Psychologist that becomes leadership Innovation Strategist?

(professionally trained for all)

No, not confused!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣.

A Positive Leadership Scientist.

(yes, a totally made up title) 🤩🤩

The most fascinating creatures on the planet for me are Humans!We have the ability to change our lives totally by changing our thoughts. Because I love experimentation as scientist do, and I love thinking and the inner working of the mind. So bringing these passions together has been a glorious quest of self discovery, confusing at times, uncertain most of the time, but definitely fun!! Because People Experiments are the most fun and the most unpredictable. So you will find me somewhere in the middle of research around engagement, leadership or mindset transformation. All my programs are backed by in-depth research and analysis which propose interventions for Coaching Development.

  • Leadership Development Coaching Programs
  • Engagement and Culture Research
  • Human Capital Innovation Projects

…….Greatness isn’t born its Grown …..

Coaching Programs Offered

Change is so rapid today that leaders must do much more than stay the course to be successful. You must be flexible and ready to adapt to survive and keep your company or career alive. Check out the Adaptable Leadership and Coaching Programs here:

The Coaching Leader Development Program

Coaching helps you amplify your awareness of self and others, find clarity in chaos, revitalize your creativity, navigate life changes, make informed decisions, and develop strategies to achieve your goals. Check out the detail to the Academies Flagship Program:

Culture is a leadership responsibility. Learn how you can embed a culture of key leadership behaviours to improve workplace engagement.

As a leader, your role is to Create Change!! How do we create environments conducive to change is the critical question for discovery?