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Coaching is a powerful Inquiry Process that helps you amplify your awareness of self and others, find clarity in chaos, revitalize your creativity, navigate life changes, make informed decisions, and develop strategies to achieve your goals.

I have been working in the Caoching Space for the past ten years – 2014 is when I started -yep that is a Long, Long, Long ago. I am fast approaching 10,000 hours of coaching, and it has been the very best journey partnering with people to dig deeper into human change processes and identifying stuck states and working to remove these barriers to greater performance.

The following areas are the ones I specialize in for coaching conversations, and I usually work through a programmatic way – where we decide the area of leadership that you would like to grow in. We develop a work plan to grow this area. We dedicate time to meeting either weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly, and we co-create our journey together.

Leadership Coaching Session

Leadership coaching based on behavioral science is considered one of the most impactful ways to develop leaders and help leaders perform better. 

First – It’s highly personalized, giving the leader being coached a great deal of ownership—and accountability over the process and its success. 

Second – Coaching’s personalized nature makes it constantly applicable, allowing the leader to tackle timely real-world problems during coaching sessions and to swiftly apply the lessons in the workplace for immediate impact. 

Third – Unlike a number of other development methods, coaching can create sustainable learning and lasting behavior change. 

Additionally, leadership coaching provides leaders with a safe space for exploring and addressing difficult emotions such as anxiety, stress, and even anger. Recognizing and reorganizing these emotions with a fresh perspective can be key to developing strong leaders who are able to withstand the demands of their role without compromising the mental health or wellbeing of themselves and others while pursuing the desired outcome.

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This is what some of my clients are saying:

Thank you for the coaching journey on discovering my strengths and game plan for improving the team dynamics.. Working through the Winning with People Coaching program, I have found that my team members relate better with each other, and they speak up more in meetings. I am grateful that the team is starting to show engagement in the projects we are working on.

Evi Opperman

African Development Bank

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