Your 1-Word for the Year

Words are, and always have been, the creative force of the universe. The first word recorded by the Creator – “Let there be light” put forth the illuminating power of words!!!

Kevin Hall

Did you know that words contain an inherent power, a force capable of lighting one’s path and hoped-for horizon. Used correctly and positively, words are the first building blocks for success and inner peace, they provide vision and focus that shows the way to growth and contribution.

Used incorrectly and negatively, they are capable of undermining even the best of intentions. This is true in business in personal relationships, in every other walk of life.

There is a language of success and a language of distress. There is language of progress and a language of regress. Words sell or words repel. Words lead and words impede. Words heal and words kill. By surely understanding the words mean in their purest sense, we are able to unlock their importance and divine value and put ourselves in a position to develop new leadership vocabulary that looks up, not down, and inspires, motivates, uplifts, excites, and propels. When works are used properly, they sing out to the human heart.

This is your opportunity to choose a word for the year!!!!

Happy Choosing


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