Why Leadership?

People ask me all the time – Why have I dedicated my life to Leadership Development? And truth be told I ask myself this question all the time!!! Like why would I want to be the one to be banging my head on the wall to tell your there is different way, please, please, please. Telling you that Leadership is a lifelong learning journey and most people are not interested in long term work!!! We have been educated to enjoy quick fixes:

  • Take this pill and wake up with Abs of Steel Tommorrow morning (hahaha)
  • Or how about, read this book and become a world changing Life Coach (hahah)
  • Do this pubic speaking course and wake a Pro on Stage

Everyday we are bombarded by the quick fixes, super fast strategies, the thing we are missing out on that will solve our biggest challenge. Social Media has not made that easier – moving through social spaces these days is a maze of NOISE, NOISE, NOISE.

So why Leadership because what I have learned is that there are laws or principles as we call it that govern personal development. So as scientist by profession, I had to learn certain laws, the laws of Newton, Chemistry Laws, Laws of physics, and I absolutely loved that!!! Learning and testing the laws were the most fun – now whether I agreed with the law of Gravity is irrelevant in the scheme of things- because if I chose to jump of the roof of my house, whether I agree with law or not – it was gone quickly school me on its validity. Thats a law a fundamental principle – what goes up must come down!!!

Now applying that to Leadership development – there are fundamentals that exist as well. There are certain leadership principles that are just that principles – violate the principle and you will very quickly get smack bang in the middle of the law working against you.

I work with entrepreneurs and leaders everyday, and the challenges they express – which are vast are violations of leadership principles. Let me give you few examples of the challenges people are struggling with:

  • Low Employee Engagement
  • High Turnover of Staff
  • Low Morale
  • Toxic behaviours: gossip, unhealthy competition, transactional personalities
  • should I go on – this list is gynormous.

Ok, whether you trust me here or not is irrelevant. But I can tell you one things, I am an Employer and I work with people everyday. I have seen these principles play out in the real world and it works. So all I ask is that you stay open to reading, challenging and growing yourself.

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