To thine own self be true …

Wonderful words by Shakespeare indeed. But gosh – I am not sure whether like me you struggle to know “thine self”. Today we turn this blog focus around a bit!!! I focussed on Engagement for the past 4 months and the next 4 are deeper to this beautiful chasm called YOU!!!

I say Chasm – because it runs deep, deeper than we thought. And because it’s unknown to us – it’s dark! I don’t mean dark in the sinister sense, but dark from an unknowing, unconscious sense. And this unconsciousness drives us a bit crazy – because we like to know!!! We want to know!!!

We seek answers everywhere we look, it’s like we have become the click generation, frantically searching for answers, but here’s where we turn it up a bit – how about we search for the questions. So today’s thinking work – What is the question??

The question that is driving you insane. The question that keeps you coming back? It’s like you are stuck in a time loop. The question is there beneath the surface…..

What is the question you are asking from the deep chasm of your heart?

Be Brave!!! Be Bold!!! Be You!!!

Coach Ella

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