The Generous & Connected Leader

So I have alway had a very different idea of entrepreneurship – I believe entrepreneurship is an opportunity to change the world. We all see something in the world that frustrates us, it challenges us, it keeps us up at night, or wakes us up early – because it is like a dog with a bone – that thing – I call it a wisp thank you Merida (Brave Movie) 🙂

But a wisp is an inkling, an urge, a pull of hair from the stars, and its unique to who we are.

Anyhooo, I believe entrepreneurship is building that solution!!! That solution that you know, meets that pain. Is it easy, Nope!! Will it cost you, YEP!! Will you succeed, Only You can!!!

As an entrepreneur myself -I believe in generosity and connectedness!!! And these my friend, will lead you daily!!
Be generous in your gift and how you serve the world.

Be connected to your world, people need to you!

Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You!!!

Coach Ella

We host a Communication workshop on Monday at 7:30pm SAST.

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