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The Creativity Mindset

“The bigger people dream, the bigger they tend to live. And this is without adding God to the formula. When you begin to understand that you are at the core a spiritual being, it begins to make sense why you need the Source of all creativity active in your life to fully live out your God-given potential.

How Creative Thinking Can Make You More Successful

  1. Creative thinking adds value to everything
  2. Creative thinking compounds
  3. Creative thinking draws people to you and your ideas
  4. Creative thinking helps you learn more
  5. Creative thinking challenges the status quo

How to Become a Creative Thinker

  1. Remove creativity killers
  2. Think creatively by asking the right questions
  3. Develop a creative environment
  4. Spend time with other creative people
  5. Get out of your box

Creative Thinking Action Plan

  1. Find or foster a creative environment
  2. Do something different
  3. Ask yourself more questions

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