Step out of Tunnel Vision

Most businesses have hit a tree!!! Yep, post Covid19′ most businesses are grappling with what just happened. But not all, some are thriving and have found this to be their most productive time and other businesses will descend into oblivion never to emerge.

Todays post is if you have hit a tree, chances are, You dont even know it!!! So lets try to prod our faces of the tree and at least see the tree, and when we keep prodding our faces of the tree we see the forest!!!!

Gain perspective of where you are!!!! That is the first step.


Now to see what that are thriving have done:

They started to feel restless when things were ok. Nothing seemed to be the but a statement of Change before you need to Change, is what they live by!!!

So if you are feeling life is good right now – what do you need to do to disrupt yourself!!!

You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight” Jim Rohn

I believe we can all take the little steps to change our direction, here’s are few questions and insights that you can utilise to re-boot your business.

Business success really is as simple as finding what I call an “under-recognized” or changing need and filling it in with wisdom, empathy, and understanding that no one else can demonstrate or display. 

The business owner who plans on succeeding over the next 5 years would be wise to create a different plan. A better approach would be to first start asking some questions and listening to your employees. Some of the questions you could ask your employees include:

  • What are they seeing and hearing in the marketplace?
  • What do they see your competitors doing that your organization is not?
  • What are some things your company could do that your competitors are not doing?
  • What are your customers asking for?
  • What are some products or services they think would be of value to your customers?

Regarding your customers, some actions you could take are:

  • Closely observe their buying patterns.
  • Ask them what kind of services or products they wished you would offer. 
  • Start shopping your competitors’ websites.
  • Ask yourself, if you were starting your business from scratch, what would you do differently?

For any business to grow, it must change with the times. It must be open to anticipating what customers need and want. One of the best ways to do that is to open up your mind and your ears.

Once you gather enough information, hold a strategic planning session and implement the changes one step at a time. You will become a believer in the axiom that even the things that aren’t broke can be made better.

Big Hugs


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