Day 1: Activate

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  1. Hi Elaine

    Take out words for me on this article:

    1. Learn to learn- It encourages me to know that this is a journey of my willingness to learn within the 90 days of this article.
    2. Discover- I am more excited to know that I am about to discover my potential.
    3. Push- The time is now to push myself to my purpose.
    4. Generous- Part of pushing myself encompasses being generous to share my gifts and talents.
    5. Honest- In the process, commit to be honest to myself and those I come across with. I should think, this is a biggest learning item for me at this stage in order to grow and flourish.
    6. Engage- Networking and engaging with different people in different platforms available is also key for me at this stage.
    7. Make- To get things done and accomplished, and also make others aware of the possibilities of growing their potential.
    8. Happen- To get out of my comfort zone.

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