Become Immune to Rejection

Most entreprenuers face rejection!!! Day In Day Out!! When I think of the number of No’s we get everyday in our various businesses, its amazing that it has not totally crushed us. One of the early lessons an entrepreneurs learns is to deal with rejection -over and over and over again.

When doors keep closing in your face, its easy to start making the wrong agreements. They are right – Who am I a believe I can do this or what was I thinking !! Why is it that they don’t see how much this is going to help them.

You know my story I have been an entrepreneur for a few years now, been around the block a few times – but when I established the leadership academy I started to teach this phenomenon program of Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich and quickly became a student of Hills work. We are the product of our thinking. There’s a chapter that we studied as a group -Persistence and I have to say -I learned to deal with rejection from dealing with the man stories I read about. And I can see now looking back 6 years that the fear of rejection is not my greatest fear, not living out me best life, not being able to do all that God has called me to do, not experiencing God abundance in the Land of the living scares me even more.

There comes a time when that fear of rejection doesnt control you anymore!! You become fearless, you become unstoppable.Stop Under-Estimating Yourself!!! Dont allow your dream to be killed on the alter of rejection and fear!!

We kick off a similar study – over the next 15 weeks we will read together and we will cause our thoughts to be lifted to a higher state together. The Answers you seek are within you and we will create mastermind to give our dreams the nurturing it requires!!!

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