The Reinvention RoadMap

A systemised approach to Reinventing yourself and your business for the Next Frontier of Business.

How do we succeed in this age of fast and furious change !!!

Life as you know it has changed drastically. You will need to come to terms with this. The sooner the better.  The Future of Work has been on our doorsteps for a while now and the Academy we have worked with Organisations Internationally and locally to prepare both Individuals and Organisations for the “Future of WORK.” The workplace has become a tumultuous place because of a number of reasons, diversity, technology, artificial intelligence, and, and…….

“Expect the Unexpected. And , whenever possible, Be the unexpected”

Lynda Barry


I work with organizations globally to address this question “How do we succeed in this age of fast change”. This question bothers the established corporate giants and the entrepreneurial players alike. 

The ability to change quickly, profoundly and effectively might be the most important core competency individuals and organisations must attain in order to prosper in the new economy. And it isn’t enough to change because we have to,  leaders change before they have to and leverage global shockwaves to accelerate performance.

The world around us is moving fast, impacting us, shockwave after shockwave. We feel exhausted, as individuals and leaders. We feel short of good options.

Update your gear box today (Ability to Shift)

We have developed a training programme that will help you with 3 major learning Agendas:

Your Mind-Ability

Entrepreneurial “thinking” is the key to your success, together we will learn some key beliefs to be confident in your Idea and Yourself to Make Your Dream a Reality and not a nightmare. We shall Develop a New Belief around Business and Money.

  • Improving the way you think is Critical to your success. Uncover what does your Success Blueprint look like.
  • Your Mindset/Mental constructs either hold you back (limit you) or thrust your forward, identify and crush these constructs.
  • Learning the Entrepreneurial Mountain for Success, Proven Strategies to carry out to set up for Success
  • Learn thinking strategies that will unlock your thinking for your next growth journey

Your Market-Ability

Understand the Stages that all businesses go through and to build the inner resilience to face overwhelm, fear, frustration and anxiety which are normal at different stages of your Business Mountain.

  • You are your business – how do you develop your brand effectively
  • Discover your Buyers Journey and the strategies to use for business growth
  • Your Board of Directors – The Customers – How do you build a business that WOWS a customer. Get the sales templates here that you can customise for success.

Your Scalability and Replicability

How to Scale and Replicate a Business is the key to Business Longevity. This requires Systems, Plans and Leadership to create a workforce that epitomizes the passion and DNA of the Business Creator.

  • Some businesses are just jobs we create, don’t fall into that trap, we will look at designing for success so that you have time to actually enjoy the life you create
  • Get the Scalability Manuals and Standard operating Procedures for Marketing, Finances, Admin, Human Resources here that you can use to customise for your business
  • Develop your Online Strategy that is not more work but easily scalable.

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