The journey to Creativity begins …..

When we think about inventions like the light bulb, printing press, For T- model – we unconsciously are aware that a process ensued for this invention to happen. The designers in this -didn’t just think their way forward -they built it. What if you could build your life – brick by brick like Lego. Journey with me. Most times we have these fun fantasies that have no relationship to the real world – or the real you – what if we could build the future brick by brick, approaching Life Design challenges with the same kind of curiosity and creativity that resulted in the creations I listed above…..

There are mindsets that are necessary – or as we call them mental constructs that are required to practically build the thinking practices necessary to live a life of abundance, joy and creativity …..

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The most important mental construct that serves well today is OPEN-MINDEDNESS!! Here is your first thought!!!

Creativity is our true nature and when we feel blocked …this is unnatural prevention of a process -which was once as natural and miraculous as the blossoming of a flower….

What are you thoughts on this ….

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