I live by a statement of – “The only limitations are the ones we establish in our mind” which is a statement by Napoleon Hill. This statement speaks to my work on thinking and breaking through limitations. Many times these limitations, programming, biases and heuristics are unconscious. We are not even aware of them – however they keep us performing at a level of performance that does not serve who we are becoming. Imagine driving with the hand brake up – that is what happens when we pursue our dream of entrepreneurship we know there is more for us but we just don’t know how to pursue.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created it”

Albert Einstein

As your thinking partner/ entrepreneurship coach my role is to help you uncover and blast past these unconscious limitations that are holding you back. Once you become aware you can change it.

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs keep you from reaching your most significant potential.
Limiting beliefs get in the way of what you think is possible for yourself and keep you from living your happiest, most fulfilling life. So, if you are ready to let go of and clear the limiting beliefs that keep you off your best path, then look no further than this guide.This guide will tell you what you need to get started to overcome limiting beliefs. Let’s dive right in.


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What are limiting beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are exactly what they sound like. My definition for limiting beliefs is: “beliefs that limit what you believe is possible for yourself or what you will allow in your life.”

There are amazing things that want to show up in your life, but…

When you have self-limiting beliefs, those things struggle to show up because you often won’t let them (for a variety of reasons).

Whatever your limiting beliefs are, they restrict the scope of how you see the world.

Limiting beliefs keep you from seeing all that there is to the world. Think about how the world looks when looking through the peephole in a door. The scope is limited, and you can’t see all that there is to see.  If you were to look at life through that peephole 24/7, how much of life would you miss? Limiting beliefs act like that peephole.

Limiting beliefs keep you from seeing what is possible for yourself.

Maybe you see your dream job and think, “I am not capable or qualified enough for it,” so you don’t even apply. Maybe you have let society trick you into thinking you are bad with numbers, so then you don’t even try to manage your money. Maybe you have been hurt in a relationship, so rather than try again, you say to yourself, “it’s not worth it.”

Limiting beliefs can also keep you from taking action to be your most authentic and powerful self.

Your limiting beliefs can also lead to what is called change blindness. Change blindness keeps you from seeing anything inconsistent with your current reality (the reality created by those pesky limiting beliefs). In other words, when you have limiting beliefs, you only see what you are prepared to see, nothing more, nothing less. The good news is, you can change this with simple coaching techniques that help you unblock these limitations! Request the “Overcoming Limitations Guide today.

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