Let’s Reinvent our Leadership

Hey I hope you are well. Considering the circumstances, I hope that you and your families are well, safe and good health.
I think this past year has taught me to pause, and take in this one and only beautiful life that we are blessed with – truly grateful indeed.

As I mentioned,  I kick of an email series called Reinvention – I know cliched, over played, but I am running losses for words, but didn’t want to slow this series down by trying to find the right name…..

As you know I have been teaching leadership for a looooog time, and many of the things we are facing now, we as leaders did see coming!!!And have been helping organisations globally embrace and adapt…..
Leaders see before others see – a wise man once said !!!

The things we saw:
– market volatility due to globalisation 
– business changes due to the rise of purpose businesses 
– digitilization and 4th IR
– disengagement in the workplace due to mixed generation workplaces 
– and list goes on and on ….

If you have been with me for while, this is not new to you. You know that Leadership Skills are Critical Imperatives to stay relevant in business!!!! And this was a hunch – hahaha 

You know we didn’t  have have the empirical data that proved this hypothesis. So most people did not buy in.  As a scientist I live by proving statements through scientific research. But looking back on my scientific research days At the CSIR – I realised something profound – how much scientific research relies on hunches and intuition as well. Because sometimes the product that we are creating has not been done before so we have to think, create, imagine, make mistakes and stumble our way to success. 
Now isn’t that something!!! Being brave in stepping into the unknown is scary I know – but what if …..

What If the path you seek has not been discovered?
What if what worked in the past does not work now?
What if -you are meant to create something new!!!

So welcome to your first thinking exercise :
What are you creating through your Leadership?

Heres my new definition for Leadership:
Leadership is Creating Positive Change !!
So asking your question in a different way. What change are you creating through your leadership ??

Now here’s the secret – if you can embrace change individually and organisationally before your competitors – You Win !!! 
Simple enough!!!That should be enough reason to just consider what I am saying!!

Ok, I will be dropping in you inbox with these kind of thoughts …. in the  coming weeks …..This is the thing – I believe in You and I believe if we can challenges ourselves to step outside our comfort zones!!!! We will see Magic!!!

Now you know I am of Indian origin, so I talk a lot – hahaha. I have just written this essay Bollywood will be proud off!!! Sorry for being long winded……but in all good friendship dialogue is key – so I would like to hear from you too,….. feel free to message me back saying what do you think about this ….. and I would love it of you disagreed and shared that !!!

Stay Humble Stay Hungry
with Light 

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