Learning to rumble

In the context of Brené Brown’s work, “rumble” refers to the process of engaging in difficult conversations or addressing challenging situations with openness, vulnerability, and a commitment to finding a resolution or understanding. The concept of rumble is derived from Brown’s research on vulnerability, shame, and courage.

Here are some key aspects of the rumble process:

  1. Engaging with discomfort: Rumbling involves embracing discomfort and leaning into challenging conversations or situations rather than avoiding or suppressing them. It requires individuals to acknowledge and confront difficult emotions, thoughts, or conflicts.
  2. Owning your story: Rumbling involves taking ownership of your own experiences, perspectives, and emotions. It requires being honest with yourself and others about your feelings, beliefs, and values.
  3. Cultivating curiosity and empathy: Rumbling encourages curiosity and empathy towards others’ perspectives and experiences. It involves actively listening, seeking to understand, and being open to different viewpoints, even if they differ from your own.
  4. Creating a safe space: Rumbling necessitates creating a safe and respectful environment where individuals feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and emotions without fear of judgment or retribution. This includes establishing clear boundaries and fostering open communication.
  5. Embracing vulnerability: Rumbling requires embracing vulnerability and being willing to share honestly and authentically. It involves expressing your true feelings, fears, and concerns while also respecting the vulnerability of others.
  6. Finding common ground and solutions: The purpose of rumbling is to foster understanding, connection, and resolution. It involves seeking common ground and exploring solutions that honor everyone’s perspectives and needs.
  7. Continual practice: Rumbling is a skill that requires practice and ongoing effort. It may not always lead to immediate resolution or agreement, but the process itself can help build trust, strengthen relationships, and promote growth.

Brené Brown’s concept of rumble encourages individuals to engage in courageous conversations and navigate challenging situations with authenticity and empathy. By embracing vulnerability and actively seeking understanding, individuals can foster deeper connections, promote personal growth, and find meaningful resolutions to difficult issues.

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