Day 9: Jumpstart your thinking

Todays thought is a powerful one. Are you aware of your strengths and gifting. We all have a unique ability in different things. This past season has really revealed the power of thinking ability.

Thinking capacity can be a strength – and the best thinkers know their strengths and work in the strength zone. So what do we do with weaknesses then. We delegate it!! We partner for it.

Let me know your thoughts –

  1. What jumps out at you from Albert Einsteins quote ?
  2. How do you grow your strengths?
  3. What do you do with your weaknesses?

One response to “Day 9: Jumpstart your thinking”

  1. Hehe, not only will the fish believes it is stupid for most of its life, as a leader you risk achieving ZERO outcomes if you expect fish to be an eagle.

    You now your strengths by formally evaluating them. You move from your position of strengths as this is your most powerful gear, and less likely to exhaust you. You acknowledge your weaknesses and are aware of them that they do not set-you back.

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