Birthday Vibing 🤩🤩

Don’t worry be Hippy, this is the theme for my day, and I think you need to hear this as well.


If you have ever been in a session with me via Zoom this year – you will remember I have a statement behind my head that says:


And Joy has been my focus for a while to learn how to embrace more and more joy that exists all around us. And one that I found to be right here, under our noses, is the little people we are surrounded by – Kids !!! Oh man, they can teach us all about embracing Joy, and my aim as I grow up is to grow younger: Becoming more and more childlike!! To grow to be a curious adventurous spirit every year ….From being the fun-principle, I get to spend my life with a group of Bright Lights – called NO LIMITS !!! Homeschoolers who are learning and growing together. And this is what I have watched, and I am learning:

  • Kids live for adventure,
  • They live a life free of worry, 
  • Full of faith 
  • Eyes excited or next big adventure 
  • A holy anticipation of what comes around the corner …
  • When life is an adventure – hope and dreams are never more than a day away 
  • A life seeking Adventure and Adventure begs for company …….

If my life is the only translation of the Bible some people may only get to read …..would they turn the other page ….John 10:10 I have come to give you life, and Life in abundance ……When people look at my life do they want to be a part of it ….When I think of life in abundance -which was the reason why Jesus died – its the fullest expression of who we are  -fully alive – full of faith and full of fun …..Dreaming big dreams and praying bold prayers….may our obsession be for the things that will outlive us and call greatness forth in others even thought hey may never have met me. Becoming more childlike can be a fun and refreshing way to rediscover your creativity, curiosity, and joy.

Here are some ways to embrace your inner child:

  1. Play: Engage in playtime activities such as coloring, building lego, or playing with toys. Let your imagination run wild.
  2. Explore nature: Spend time outdoors, like going for a nature walk, hiking, or simply lying in the grass and looking at the clouds.
  3. Be curious: Ask questions about the world around you and seek answers. Approach life with a sense of wonder.
  4. Embrace creativity: Get involved in arts and crafts, drawing, painting, or other creative endeavors. Create without judgment.
  5. Read children’s books: Enjoy classic or new children’s books to experience their simple yet profound wisdom.
  6. Watch animated films: Enjoy animated movies that often carry uplifting messages and themes suitable for all ages.
  7. Dance and sing: Let go of self-consciousness and dance to your favorite music, or sing like no one is listening.
  8. Build a fort: Use blankets and cushions to create a cozy fort or hideout for relaxation.
  9. Blow bubbles: Try blowing bubbles and watch them float away, enjoying the simple pleasure.
  10. Play games: Play board games, card games, or video games that you enjoyed as a child.
  11. Enjoy sweets: Treat yourself to a small indulgence like ice cream, cookies, or candy from time to time.
  12. Run and jump: Engage in physical activities like running, jumping, and swinging at the park.
  13. Be silly: Don’t take yourself too seriously. Make funny faces, tell jokes, and laugh at yourself.
  14. Make new friends: Children are often more open to making new friends. Reach out to people with an open heart and a friendly attitude.
  15. Nap or rest: Take a nap or rest when you need it. Children listen to their bodies and rest when tired.
  16. Practice mindfulness: Be present in the moment, savoring every experience as children do. Focus on the here and now.
  17. Be unapologetically yourself: Children are authentic and unafraid to express their true feelings. Be honest about your emotions and don’t hide who you are.
  18. Show empathy: Children often have a natural empathy for others. Try to understand and empathize with the people around you.
  19. Celebrate small achievements: Reward yourself for completing tasks or reaching goals, just as children celebrate their accomplishments.
  20. Learn from children: Spend time with kids and observe how they see the world. You can gain valuable insights from their innocence and enthusiasm.

Remember that embracing your inner child doesn’t mean neglecting your responsibilities as an adult. It’s about finding a balance between the responsibilities of adulthood and the spontaneity and joy of childhood. Enjoy the process of rediscovering the childlike wonder within you.

So in celebrating today, would you join me in singing this at the TOP of your VOICE !!! It doesn’t matter if you are off-tune (I usually am, and it doesn’t stop me)

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