Being Resourceful and Innovative

When you look at the history of Innovation – these two names are bound to come up – Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. Now I don’t know about you – but when I look at this picture, I wish I was in that conversation. I wish to hear the words exchanged between these two friends that inspired such revolutions in our world.

I have learned from my deep dives into innovation that it is an abundance of resources that creates innovation but an abundance of resourcefulness that sets great innovation apart. Resourcefulness is creativity in action. It is taking the available resources, using them to the fullest and thereby finding an answer or invention or a new discovery that was previously unseen. “-fulness” is key: the answer was available all along but by making fuller use of the resources their potential becomes realized in innovation.

So find ways to spur your innovative thinking on. Because we need a result to improve the result.

The story of human progress in science, technology, the arts and other fields is a major dynamic in the broad field of study we call history. “We don’t have to reinvent the wheel” but having the wheel gives us an essential technological resource that paves the way to inventing other things, such as the chariot and the automobile. This interplay between resourcefulness, innovation and desire often takes unexpected turns: our innovations can inspire more innovations or lead to complacency. In the broad scheme of human history, however, there is no doubt that innovation has led to more innovation and to the expression of resourcefulness in new and more sophisticated ways.

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