Be a Lid Lifter!

John Maxwell’s “Law of the Lid” states that “leadership ability determines a person’s level of effectiveness.”

While I often write about personal growth and development, I want to challenge you today to help others grow. Think about the people you work with. Think about your family. Think about your friends. Whose lid can you lift?

Lifting someone’s lid is about helping them grow from where they are to where they want to be. It’s about giving people tools and insights to become a better leader. We don’t often see the areas we need to grow in. We need someone else’s perspective to show us our blind spots. This requires you to gently share with people what you are observing and offering to help them take steps forward.

Many people don’t believe they need to grow as leaders because they aren’t in a “leadership position.” However, Maxwell makes it clear in his “Law of Influence” that “leadership is influence – nothing more, nothing less.” Everyone has influence with someone. Why not excel at it?!

Today, be a lid lifter. Offer to help someone grow. Offer to read a book and discuss it together. Offer to share your observations of their strengths and weaknesses so they can formulate a growth plan. Help them become a better version of themselves.

Be Intentionally Great Today!

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