Who am I?

I am Scientist, No wait, I am Fashion Entrepreneur, No Wait, I am Psychologist…..Still this doesn’t describe who I am? Well, the hardest question to define I guess…while I am all of the above and been quite successful at all these various endeavors!!! I have an entrepreneurial heart and have been following it for the past while…..

So this is me – find a mountain and run up the mountain and become successful. Then see the next mountain and climb that one tooo…..So you find me here today, somewhere in the middle of my ascent up an Ed-Tech Mountain of Leadership Development from an Entrepreneurial view point. I currently teach for the prestigious MIT (Massettchusetts Institute of Technology), Yale School of Management and The Leadership Academy to Create Leadership Workplaces Globally where Innovation Thrives!! (see what I mean choosing High Mountains- haha )

Where have I been?

I worked my life in International Development as a Scientist and Technologist, bringing technology to developing our biggest resource – The People of Organizations. And took that wonderful knowledge to the Fashion Industry. Building Creative Talent through manufacture in China, Thailand and Hong Kong to Retail Globally – Working across diverse workforce’s led me to deep understanding of the Future of Work.