A Stubborn Joy

You don’t have to be a Jesus follower to appreciate the Legend that Jesus is. The entire story is one that beautifully epitomizes the embodiment of Joy. If you are new to the Story fo Jesus – it is my great pleasure to acquaint you with the man that graced our world 2000 years ago.

Born a man of humble beginnings and died for crimes – that if you had to think about were about unboxing people from a religion that had bound people up and said the only way to God was through works !!! He he was martyred and then buried in a borrowed tomb. And he arose on the 3rd day and ascended to heaven!! Now you may say that this is just a fable, or a story – but you can either live like nothing is a miracle or that everything is a miracle – those wise words are not my own — but the amazing Albert Einstein.

So back to my title of the day – a Stubborn Joy !!!

I believe Jesus’s life showed Joy every single day – and it was not based on his circumstances. Reading the many stories of Jesus – crowds always seem to follow him – surround him, be around him – and I believe one of the reasons for this is the fact that he was a person of deep Joy!!! I don’t know anyone that wishes to be around a sourpuss!! Someone who is always sad and moping around -does not attract people either. Furthermore – children loved him and he was frequently in the company of children. Now from knowing kids a little – I have realized something – they are honest and they tell it like it is!! They have no filters!!! So there must have been something about him that they loved.

I think they loved his Joy!! He was joyful when he was poor, he was joyful when he was abandoned, he was joyful when he was betrayed and even killed.

This is the stubborn joy – I am referring to!! A joy that refused to bend in the wind of hard times. A joy that held its ground against pain. A joy whose roots extended deep into the bedrock of eternity.

So my deep hope is that you will not let the Grinch steal your Joy this Christmas -hehehe!!

Joy is an inward decision! We are all facing a world in crisis and those of us who find ourselves in the workplace – we can become beacons of hope and ambassadors of joy so that those that find ourselves in our world want to be around us!!! Because we are life giving forces and this is not circumstantial!!

Be Blessed this Christmas


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