How Managers Impact Engagement

We have a saying –  Employees join companies and quit managers. When it comes to engagement and retention, managers are the key pivot point for employees. Gallup has found that 70 percent of the variance in engagement relates to the relationship between a... Read more

Engagement Trends

After all this time collecting valuable data on the engagement trends in an organization, what are we finding? Let’s dive in. Overall Engagement Trends When we measure engagement, the results usually look like a bell curve. The Actively Disengaged and Somewhat Disengaged employees fall... Read more

Understanding Instrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation in the Workplace

This past month we’ve talked all about the brain, emotions, and our natural and intense need to establish safe and secure relationships both at home and at work. For our last post in this series, I’m taking on an important... Read more

Adult Attachment Theory: The Science of Employee Engagement

Understanding Engagement Early man discovered a harsh reality when it comes to survival in a primitive era – the best defense in a hostile and violent environment wasn’t a spear or a shield – it was a clan or a... Read more

The Role of the Limbic System at Work

What do you think drives employee behavior? Pay raises? Happy hours? Free coffee? It’s possible these perks can boost your team’s moment-to-moment happiness, and they are certainly nice benefits. But, when it comes to getting work done – and retaining... Read more

Leadership Challenges: Leading with Intention

All month I’ve been working through challenges managers bring to me during my bootcamp and workshop sessions. Today’s challenge is all about how to lead with intention to create an engaged culture at work that doesn’t solely rely on the... Read more

Leadership Challenges: Leading a Multigenerational Workforce

Over the past few weeks we’ve touched on challenges all leaders face. Today I’m tackling an issue I’ve seen pop up over and over again lately (and one that we will continue to face!): how to lead a multigenerational workforce.... Read more